Dual stimulation vaginal probe 

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22,50 €

  • None - I only want the probe
  • 5 pods and 5 wipes
  • 10 intimate wipes
  • 10 lubricant pods
  • 10 pods and 10 wipes

More info :

1 intimate wipe + 1 lubricating pod
(only for individuals, physiotherapists and midwives)


This product is also available as a PERISIZE4 PACK


This revolutionary and universal vaginal probe with 4 independent hemispheric electrodes 2 by 2 is recommended to stimulate and record each part of the perineum separately or simultaneously.

Very light, it adapts to the vaginal dimension.

The 2 mobile branches allow a vaginal introduction whatever the dimension of the vagina, the installation and the maintenance are perfect even in upright position and in dynamics.

A notch is provided for inserting a 1 mm straw to allow control of personal exercises at home.
The electrodes are guaranteed nickel-free and gold-coated, for better electrical conduction and no allergic reactions.



Connection: pigtail plug 2mm female

Total probe length: 11 cm

Total probe weight: 20 g



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