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Evostim E

Therapeutic stimulation and biofeedback unit

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Unit for perineal rehabilitation by electrostimulation and electromyographic biofeedback via the intravaginal or anal route.

Must be used on the advice of a doctor or qualified therapist.

Designed for professional use as well as for personal and autonomous use by the patient at home.

Allows to perform :
- Passive perineal treatments (1 electrostimulation channel)
- Active perineal recovery (1 EMG biofeedback channel)
- Muscular and cognitive rehabilitation of the perineum (with evoked stimulation)

3 modes of rehabilitation :
- Perineal electro-stimulation (URGE-STRESS- MIX-PAIN programmes): 4 programmes available.
- ElectroMyoGraphic Biofeedback (EMG): can be administered both perineally (with vaginal or anal probe) and transcutaneously (with adhesive electrodes).
- Evoked stimulation (EVO programme): also known as muscular cognitive re-learning, evoked stimulation exploits both active rehabilitation (biofeedback) and passive rehabilitation (electrostimulation).


Included with the unit :

- 1 Perisphera probe

- 4 reusable adhesive electrodes for electrostimulation

- 1 storage pouch

- 1 stand to put the unit on

- 1 instruction manual

- 3 batteries 1.5 volt


And in additional :

- 10 intimate wipes

- 10 lubricant pods





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