Problems related to recurrent incapacity during erection "Erectile dysfunction" during coitus (affects 20% of men after 50 years).

This dysfunction may be more common with age and disease


How to treat these dysfunctions?

Penis devices. When the above treatments do not work or are not suitable, mechanical devices can be used. Penile electrodes, whose role is to tighten the base of the penis to maintain an erection, can be effective without the disadvantages of the substances in drugs. When rehabilitation using penile electrodes is not enough; the vacuum pump, also called vacuum, can be a substitute. By creating a vacuum in a cylinder placed around the penis, this will cause an erection maintained by an elastic penile compression ring slipped at the base of the penis.

Penile implants. There are also various types of penile implants requiring surgery to permanently implant flexible inflatable rods into the penis. It is an extremely effective solution when the other possibilities do not work.

There are mechanical processes maintaining the erection: The penile electrodes tighten the base of the penis. This avoids chemical treatment