After childbirth, with age, intensive sports activity or other factors, rehabilitation of the perineum is an almost obligatory part of life.

Many of you are afraid of perineal reeducation, especially when it involves electrical stimulation (= reeducation with an electrode probe), and you often ask yourself these questions:
- What does it feel like ?
- Does it hurt ?
- Does it sting ?
- Will the probe go into my vagina ?

No stress, we explain everything !

First of all, a little preamble:

Rehabilitation of the perineum can be done in three ways, without going into the specifics of each:
- Manual (with a finger)
- Electrical stimulation (with probe)
- Biofeedback (with probe without electrical stimulation)

For more details, you can consult our article WHAT IS PERINEAL REEDUCATION ?

There are also two types of vaginal and anal probes:
- With electrodes
- Pressure

In this way, several forms of probes have been created according to the pathology to be treated, but also according to the size of the vagina.
For example, a vagina can be short or narrow, this is called "atresic" in medical language; during your first consultation with your health professional, he or she will determine the probe that will suit you best.

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There are a number of factors that can affect the effectiveness of your rehabilitation and comfort :
- Sexual intercourse the night before
- Medication
- Menstrual cycle (during the rehabilitation period)

If you find yourself in one of these cases, you may feel a slight tingling sensation.
Don't panic, we advise you to inform your physiotherapist or midwife before starting the session.

It is also important to take into account that we are not all equal when it comes to lubrication; it is therefore important to lubricate your catheter with a water-based, non-alkaline lubricating gel.
This will facilitate the entry of the probe into the vagina and will be more pleasant for you.

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