How to clean my probe ?

The probes are strictly personal. They must be cleaned after each use with water and neutral soap, without suffering

I bought a rehab probe. What do you advise me before the 1st use ?

The border of the bag guarantees the inviolability of its manufacture.

The probes are delivered non-sterile, however they have been disinfected before bagging.

Before the 1st use it is recommended to rinse the probes under running water, so as to eliminate any traces of disinfectant.

Is there a limited number of sessions ?

The probes are planned for a number of sessions in line with the new FR health expenditure control guidelines (about 60 sessions).

Warning: (under penalty of exclusion of guarantee) 

The probe must be kept away from sulfur or sulfur products, which could compromise the golden appearance of the surface of the electrodes.

  • Do not attempt to disassemble, rotate, or move parts of the probe.
  • Do not immerse in water or disinfectant
  • Do not wet the connection
  • Do not connect to a high-frequency surgical device (burns at the electrodes)
  • The effects of long-term stimulation are not determined
  • Follow the protocol of medical use
  • Do not sterilize
  • Do not autoclave
  • Respect the prescriber's indicators