LPPR Reimbursement*

*For French residents only


The LPPR ( List of Reimbursable Products and Benefits) identifies, beyond drugs, products that are considered potentially important in the treatment of a disease and for which the cost will, if necessary, be covered by the Health Insurance. It covers not only the device itself but also the service required for its proper use.

To be eligible for reimbursement, PBDA products must have been prescribed by a licensed health professional (physician, dental surgeon, masseur-physiotherapist, midwife, chiropodist, podiatrist, nurse) on a distinct prescription from any other prescription.



The purchase of a perineal stimulator is reimbursed up to :

  • 60% by the CPAM, with a limit of €304.90
  • 40% by your mutual insurance company

The purchase of a vaginal or anorectal probe is reimbursed in the amount of :

  • 60% by the CPAM, with a limit of €25.92
  • 40% by your mutual insurance company


1 - Reimbursement by the Health Insurance: How to obtain a care sheet?

As a member of the Assurance Maladie, the Sugar Company can draw up a care sheet for you if you purchase a perineal re-education catheter or an electro-stimulation device if you have a prescription and if these products are (obviously) reimbursable.

For this and when you purchase (only for individuals), do not forget to tick the box "I want a treatment sheet".

The care sheet will be sent to you by separate mail as soon as we receive your prescription.


2 - How to be reimbursed by the Health Insurance?

You will receive by mail, the care sheet relating to your purchase.

Accompanied by the medical prescription, this care sheet must be returned to your Health Insurance company.
CPAM will then proceed to your reimbursement.


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