For all perineal rehabilitation probes, whether they are pressure or electrode probes, no specific product is needed, just water and soap !

However, for electrode probes, it is important to use a PH neutral soap.

But why?

Our electrode probes are coated with gold, a material that is non-allergenic and allows better current conduction.

Gold, with all its qualities, is fragile; in contact (from near or far) with sulphur, the colour can fade or even turn black.

Some references of soaps with neutral PH :


    The 0% Sanex range                                 Unbottled's soap-free soap




It is true that after your rehabilitation session, you do not always have the time or place to clean your probe properly.

Single-use intimate wipes are a good alternative, especially since they combine two uses:

  • Intimate cleanser for your intimate comfort and well-being in daily life (after sport, before an appointment, before or after your rehabilitation session...)
  • Probes cleanser to be used immediately after your rehabilitation session, before putting it back in its original bag while waiting to clean it at home


                                                                     Intimate wipe



Now you know all our tips for cleaning your probe !


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