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Vaginal Cones

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For the maintenance of your intimate freedom


3 vaginal cones (width 2.9 cm)

Different weights for different levels of reinforcement :

White: 30 gr
For weak or beginning pelvic floor

Light pink : 47 gr
For an active pelvic floor but needs to be reinforced

Dark pink: 65 gr
For pelvic floor in advanced maintenance

The pelvic floor is the system of muscles and ligaments responsible for supporting the important genito-pelvic organs such as the bladder, uterus, rectum, and for their proper functioning.

Weakening of the perineum (pelvic floor) can be caused by :
- Pregnancy
- Menopause
- Sustained sporting activity
- Obesity
- Chronic constipation
- Chronic cough
- Repeated physical exertion hyperpressiveness
- Follow-up of certain surgical procedures

These conditions can lead to :
- Urinary incontinence
- A prolapse or descent of organs (bladder, uterus, rectum)
- Fecal incontinence
- Unsatisfactory and/or painful sexual relations


- Physiological shape: to facilitate insertion and ascent into the vagina during contraction exercises
- Internal vibrating sphere: Increases the muscular reflex inside the vagina.
- Soft and flexible cord: For optimal comfort and easy removal
- Non-allergic material: biocompatible medical silicone
- Smooth surface: For comfort, easy cleaning and proper hygiene


Thanks to the Pelvik vaginal cones, you can discover, know and correctly train the pelvic floor muscles (perineum) for your intimate and personal well-being :
- A few minutes a day are enough
- Results in 12 weeks
- Reflex and automatic use
- Convenient to use even during daily activities
- Easy to clean for good hygiene.


The cone, with its weight, tends to descend into the vagina under the effect of gravity, causing the sensitive stimulation of the vaginal muscle sensors which respond by contracting the perineal muscles of the pelvic floor to prevent the cone from evacuating.
Nearly 40% of women do not know - or have difficulty - in voluntarily contracting this perineal muscle. Pelvik helps you become aware of this intimate but fundamental part of your body.



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