Based in the Marseille region, Sugar International sarl has been developing since 1992 intracavitary probes and perineal sensors for para-medical professionals specialized in pelvic-perineal rehabilitation. Our products stand out from the competition by their concept, their components and their permanent innovation thanks to a dynamic team of therapists-researchers who do not think only in terms of commercial material but in products adapted to the obligations of the anatomo-physiology, of Electrical stimulation and bio-retro-sensory-action (BFB) recording

We are present from the design to the manufacturing of the products we market, and we choose our partner companies for their internationally recognized quality. Our models are labilized and protected by deposits or patents, manufactured mainly in Europe. We ship world-leading equipment because it is regularly updated. Our products are recognized by large distribution companies, para-medical cabinets and adopted by the best specialists in pelvic rehabilitation worldwide..

Our field of action is vast but very targeted:

  • Female and male incontinence
  • Vaginal and anal probes
  • Penis probes
  • Female and male sexual dysfunction
  • Surface electrodes>> EMG endo-cavitary sensors and pressure
  • Portable equipment for uro-gynecology, ano-rectal, for sexual disorders and for pain

You can now order easily our pelvic floor products, chosen from the widest range of the market, directly on our website and pay online securely by credit card. For orders in quantities - perineal sensors or perineal reeducation probes - beyond those already proposed, please contact us directly by email:

Join us immediately and for the well being of your patients and be one of our thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

You hesitated ? you were not satisfied with your sensors ? You will find at home the product you have always dreamed of to be at the forefront of your therapies